Bean there Squeezed that!

Not the most original heading, I know! However, this blog is all about coffee and I haven’t had enough of it today to be original. My moments with coffee are plentiful. It’s hard to narrow them down into a selection of musing. However, I’m going to go with plugging a local franchise I both frequent…

Follow your Bliss to Miss Bliss

Brisbane’s trendy West End still reigns as the go to place for hip food joints and amazing coffee. Follow your bliss to Miss Bliss Wholefood’s kitchen where you can indulge in the most decadent of pleasures without any guilt.

Hotcakes & Thickshakes & Bears, Oh My!

What was my most exceptional café experience? Sure, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was late one Sunday morning and my hoomans were hungry for their morning din dins at their new favourite cafe, Fuel & Co.

A Tale of Woe

Residing in the heart of Fortitude Valley, on Brunswick Street, is Ltd espresso + brew bar.  A mecca for lovers of coffee and a sanctuary for those who love espresso but have been burnt before.  You know who you are.


Walking through the gates of The Grounds of Alexandria for the first time, it would be impossible not to be overwhelmed and torn between the smells, the colours and the surrounds. I had heard about this place from friends and colleagues but those words didn’t do it justice, as I’m sure mine won’t do either. Rows of…

Dog takes the cake

When I head out to my favourite Albany eatery Phillips Brook, it’s not the food I look forward to most, even though it’s delicious.

The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Bali

It had been a long day of attempted bartering throughout the Bali version of a city centre, also known as Seminyak. My partner and I were exhausted and dying for a cold drink. After an hour of walking through narrow streets, avoiding getting hit by oncoming scooters and taxis, we stumbled upon Sea Circus. The…

A Coffee To Remember

Last week my friend and I enthusiastically embarked on an epic cycling journey. Time limited to collect the darlings from school pick up, we saddled up on our deadly treadlies and hit the road. The Riesling Trail to be exact in the beautiful Clare Valley. Not daunted by the 50 km’s of cycling ahead we set…