Braving the Tasmanian Winter (with cheese)

Last month, my partner and I were in Hobart for the Dark Mofo festival and decided to duck into Brooke Street Larder for a coffee and some snacks.

The café is located on the same wharf building where the (crazy sheep-containing) MONA ferry departs and the website describes it is such:

As befitting the cellar below The Glass House, this café celebrates the discovery of Tasmanian foods, wines, and produce all freshly prepared just for you. Come down for a quick snack before a trip on the MONA ferry; for a coffee and muffin as a start to the day; for a quick or a lingering lunch; or for an afternoon glass of something sparkling with good friends.

We proceeded to the outdoor area where we were greeted with cozy red blankets, gas heaters and most notably, an amazing view of the harbour with a gradually setting sun.

With the other patrons quietly chatting or enjoying their coffees and the view,  the overall vibe was completely relaxed, quiet and peaceful.

The lovely view of the harbour from my seat
Cozy red blankets to snuggle under

The menu all looked promising with the option of cheese, meats or ‘dips’ share plates from 12pm to 5pm.

The menu

We decided to go with with cheese sharing platter and a couple of flat whites.

Tasmanian cheeses + fig and walnut paste with crisp bread
Flat white served in stoneware cups

We enjoyed the local food and coffee slowly while soaking up the solitude and watching the sun go down behind the horizon.

A lovely, relaxed, cozy experience amongst the lovely,  dark, wintery chaos that is Hobart’s Dark Mofo festival. We will no doubt be back next year.


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