It’s always sunny in Seminyak, Indonesia

Boys weekend couldn’t come sooner as we headed off on a 2 week trip to Bali, Indonesia for some much-needed time off. Finally getting off the plane after a 6 hour flight couldn’t be any sweeter knowing your finally on holiday!

Day 2 of water sports came around pretty quickly and we were keen on finding some coffee and lunch before we got stuck into the afternoons awaiting adventures. After some back and forth banter we finally decided on Sisterfields Cafe, Seminyak.

Coffee and Burgers Sisterfield Cafe, Seminyak

Quite a nice location and only a few streets back from La Plancha beach, which was perfect for us as we had to meet our tour guide just down the road. The Sisterfields Cafe is quite the popular destination, at the time it had only been operating for 1 year and most weekends you had to make a reservation way in advanced to get in.

We were super lucky being a weekday and getting in at the right time. No need for reservations when on holiday it’s like the coffee gods knew we were coming and paved way for us!

Mates stealing chips

While enjoying our meals and that amazing mochachino I had, our Swedish roommate met up with us.So we were all sitting down catching up with Erik (Swedish guy) and unknowingly for about 10 minutes I was continually repeating what everyone said in a much slower and clearer version for Erik to understand.

Breakfast and lunch

So finally after awkwardly repeating everything, Erik turns to me and says “Why do you keep repeating everything?” everyone looks at me and starts laughing. I too laughed with a quick reply and we got on with the conversation. Now I felt really bad for thinking he couldn’t understand us but hey I was just being polite.

Sisterfields variety in both breakfast and lunch menu’s along with the choice of beverages I highly rate it as one of the most modern and stylish cafe’s in Seminyak, Bali. The food was amazing and the coffee even better. So now I’ll never forget the time we visited Sisterfields Cafe, Seminyak. And I will definitely go back next time I visit.



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