Retro coffee for a writer

It is going to sound strange, but I get some of my best work done in crowded, noisy cafes. I find the distractions minimal and the inspiration flows, plus coffee and food is brought to you with no washing up to follow.

At home, I sit down to write and all my procrastinating brain can do is think of the load of washing that’s sitting on the floor waiting to be done, or the mountain of soil that needs transferring to my gardens. All jobs that have been put off till another day, and now they seem like the most important task that can’t wait another second.

Good music, free Wi-Fi, a soy latte and some warm banana bread are all factors that make a great café experience. My little city has a handful of really good cafes where you can get consistently amazing food, coffee and customer service. One I frequent more often than not is The Bank Café, a heritage building from the 1900s that has been converted into an upbeat, retro eatery, complete with wine red walls, posters and a Spotify playlist to die for. 1110

I like nothing better than to sit in a corner with my laptop, the world passing me by, drinking too much coffee.


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