Bitter Affair with Fleur

It was a bright and sunny Saturday, the beginning of spring and everyone around me no longer had the winter blues. It was time to get out of hibernation and explore the familiar world around me, that’s when an old friend called.

A Common Love for Coffee

We enjoyed talking for a while and agreed that it would be nice to catch up face-to-face. I suggested somewhere close, relaxing, serves good coffee and he recommended Fleur. A relaxed garden-centre Cafe with terrace tables under umbrellas, located in Sydney. The connection was instant, the rich aroma I couldn’t deny, the first sip was pleasingly crisp, yet it had a sharp bite. It was perfect for me and before I knew it, a third cup was warming my hands while deep in conversation.

Guilty Pleasure: Two Cups for One

On this memorable sunny Spring day as the sun began to descend a decision was made.  My friend and I discussed meeting once a month at Fleur, to embrace each others company over a good coffee. Now, little does my friend know that my bitter affair with Fleur has begun. So, each week I will go and enjoy two exquisite cups of coffee and watch the world around me, rain, hail or shine.



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