Food, Coffee, Community.

Many cold winter mornings, deadlocked by traffic, I’ve stared out the window of my car and across at Frisch and Barc.  Most days the traffic starts moving and I’m swept away with it, but today would be different. The sun was shining bright, the traffic was flowing nicely and for once I decided to pull over and head inside.


My attention is first drawn to the décor, minimal, modern and stylish it’s almost like a scene from an IKEA catalogue. Normally in a place with such furnishings it’s hard to retain a sense of warmth, but Frisch and Barc does it well. I ogled the menu and was not surprised to find the food they served to be modern and slightly more extravagant than that which could be found at the cafes down the road.

The Coffeetumblr_npuoyl1fgd1qa4bkpo1_500

I opted for an ice coffee, the change from winter to spring meant a cold drink was not only acceptable but preferable. As I took a seat at one of the communal tables I took my first sip; creamy, refreshing and bold in flavour. I’m hardly a coffee connoisseur but it’s safe to say I’ll be stopping more regularly on my commutes into the city.


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