I’ll Get You, My Caffeine, And At Night Time Too!

Coffee.  The first step towards humanity each morning.  At least for me. Coffee wakes me up: it understands my need to strive for the nicest person I can be. I can’t imagine the lack of function induced by lack of caffeine- and I wouldn’t want to.

Recently, quite by accident, I discovered the joy of caffeine at night.

Marvelosity in a Martini Glass.


Friends and I regularly gather after work at a nice little cafe/bar by the name of Cookie .  So regularly that we are addressed by name these days.   So regularly that the staff know exactly what we will order: a Bottle of Sparkling Wine.  And then another.  If it’s Friday, another one or two after that.  Then we stop counting.

Last Friday was different.  Vesna came up with the crazy idea that we would throw the bar staff and order something different:  ‘Whatever is on the top of the cocktail list’.

We exchanged cheeky grins and giggled as we approached to order.

‘The usual, ladies?’

Whitney raised an eyebrow as she handed over the requested cocktail menu. Scanning the list, it was apparent that fate was taking the wheel in two beautifully paired words: Espresso Martini.  My two favourite things had come together in perfect synergy,  a perfect match!  And since we have such good coffee in Melbourne, it masks the vodka taste that isn’t Grey Goose.

For the next few hours, we sipped our way to the bottom of a number of these delicious velvety delights: getting caught in amazing conversation and promoting our new-found treats to everyone who came within earshot.

What a time to be alive!




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