I like them rich, hot & strong.

First dates, surely the most nerve racking experience someone can have. Where do you go? What do you say? What do i wear? All the questions that run through your head to make sure you leave a good first impression. I don’t want to add pressure to anyone in the single world, but could the first date really lead you to ‘the one’?

So after swiping right, matching and going through the general let’s get to know each other chit chat, we agreed on meeting for a coffee at Commune Cafe in Burleigh Heads. I was nervous as I spotted his face in the street. We sat at the high-bar table, opposite each other with my eyes peaking when I could at his bright blue eyes. The waitress took my order first telling me about a new blend they had, I took it followed by his order of a standard cappuccino with two sugars.


Conversation was flowing and the coffees arrived. I took my first sip, it was hot but rich in flavour; it was good. My hands wrapped firmly around the mug as he told me about his how he had traveled to 8 different countries last year. I suddenly wasn’t nervous because all I wanted to do was drink what was quite possibly the best coffee I have ever had. Before I knew it the date was nearing the end, my mug was empty and I suddenly realised I had found the one. That coffee, it was the one.



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