Beach, Birds and a Rich Refreshing Brew

Life gets busy. In fact, too busy on most days, for most of us. Sometimes you reach the point where you can’t do any more without a breather. When this happens to me, I look for somewhere I can spend the least amount of precious time to regain the most amount of energy, and I’ve found having a cuppa at a nice cafe is one of the best things to do this. Pleasant surroundings, no responsibility, no cleaning up.

Until recently though, I’d had trouble finding the perfect spot. There always seemed to be noise and clatter, long waiting lines and even longer waits to receive the order. And then quite by accident, I found that perfect place in ‘Sea Salt and Vine’.

Driving from a long and involved client appointment at Scarborough, I passed an understated signpost pointing to a small laneway and a cluster of trees. Imagine my surprise and delight to find a cute and casual cafe-restaurant, in a lovely ocean side setting. Huge shady trees housed colorful lorikeets, and fronted right onto a sandy beach; aqua and white crested waves rolled unhurriedly in – perfect!

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To cut a long story short, after spending a half hour there, sipping a creamy and flavoursome layered latte (discovering a huge range of gluten free treats) and listening to the birds and the waves and the breeze, I felt refreshed and ready to roll. The wait staff made me laugh with their cheeky quips and big smiles and watching the dogs play on the beach was hilarious! I left feeling that life is good.

Thank you Sea, Salt and Vine. I have found a home away from home, and after several visits know it’s just the way it is there. I always feel a sense of well-being and freedom wash over me and really, that’s the true fare of Scarborough’s Sea, Salt and Vine.


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