Cafe Coffee for Cafe Racers

Can it get any better than this, an awesome coffee café that doubles as a café racer motorbike shop?

Sitting only 100 steps from beautiful Palm Beach on the Gold Coast is the Espresso Moto Café & Bikeworks. My favorite table is at the rear of the café where I enjoy an Allpress Guatemalan blend while peering through the huge bike shop window to watch the café racers being built.


But why call a motorcycle a café racer? It all started a long time ago in the 50’s and 60’s in another café, The Ace Café on the infamous North Circular Road in London. Groups of young riders and their girlfriends would meet at The Ace on their modified British motorbikes. For these quiff haired boys coffee was their fuel with rock and roll music from the juke box their soundtrack.

Each song was just 3 minutes long. The game? Drop a coin in the jukebox, jump on your bike and race down & back to the Hangar Lane roundabout before the song finished. The café racer was born. If rider survived they were now a member of ‘the Ton Up Boys’ because you had to hit 100 mph (160 kph) to get back in time. Not that easy on a 1950’s Triumph Bonneville.


Ton Up Boys at the Ace Cafe

Ok so I’ve been around the block a few times and this is the second time I’ve seen Café Racers become ‘cool’. Think I’m just going to enjoy another coffee here and then cruise off; I promise I won’t ‘hit the ton’ on the way home. Honest.



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