Assignment Due With A Great Expresso In Ho Chi Minh City

I Really Need A Coffee Right Now

I’m on my Christmas break for the year and on holidays in Vietnam. With a number of college assignments due, I decided to buckle down to find a quiet spot to get some work done. But I knew I needed some coffee. Ho Chi Minh city’s a big place with over 8 million people, its a place full of busy trade and people going to and from their daily activities. There is an abundance of cafes here. And I mean ALOT of cafes. The Highlands Cafe franchise is quite popular here, it’s the Vietnamese version of Gloria Jeans. The western decor with comfortable arm chairs and the free wifi was a starting point for me, but I needed a good coffee to help with the focus and workload ahead. So I asked one of the staff about the coffee. Here’s a short paragraph about their story

Their Story

“Vietnamese born and bred

Highlands Coffee was born out of the pure passion for Vietnamese coffee. Originating as a packaged coffee business, in Hanoi, in 2000, we’ve quickly grown into a chain of well-known coffee shops that have been expanding throughout Vietnam and abroad since 2002. Over time we’ve become famous for consistently delivering delicious Vietnamese coffee in a modern and comfortable environment that reflects the appeal of modern Vietnamese life. Today we continue to hand select the finest beans that are roasted fresh daily and served with a smile. Great cafe, great products and great service at an affordable price. Now you know the secret of our success!”

 (From their website – See website)

I’m Going To Try An Expresso

Apparently all their coffee beans are Arabica and is grown in the central highlands (hence the name) of Vietnam where the temperature allows for great growth of beans that produce dense flavor and a great odor. And is served with a fresh Vietnamese-style filter on your cup as you wait for the coffee to filtrate through. Helps with the fresh flavor I was told. And of course the coffee was fresh and strong. I enjoyed it, with the laptop open I got on my way. And that Coffee really did get me through (lol)

If you are in Vietnam, here’s a link to all the HighLand Coffee Locations

Click Here for locations




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