Oil, salt and sugar do not mix.

My wife and I run a small art retreat with a gallery, studio and restaurant/Cafe with accommodation in the Pyrenees Wine Region of the Grampians in Victoria, Australia. We are located in the township of Moonambel ( at Moonbeam Cottages). The region boasts a good selection of Shiraz from a dozen boutique wineries.

We make a good cuppa but my story here is about a dessert we served called the Rainbow Special,  our retreat is, of course the Rainbow Gallery.  An olive oil judge and expert who writes in the olive oil magazine once exclaimed, “oil, salt and sugar do not mix when he was confronted  with the Rainbow Special!”

The Rainbow Special is a made up of home made ice cream sprinkled with pink rock salt from the Murray River and drizzled with the local Moonambel Gap olive oil.  It is a hit.  The judge is going back to rewrite his article.

The blend came from a guest who remembered a Chezkoslovakian chef in Melbourne who came up with this original recipe. And suggested it would go well with my ice cream.

So be sure to try the Rainbow Special with your coffee when you come to visit. check out our FaceBook page rainbowgallerycafe


One Comment Add yours

  1. Merrilyn Hogan says:

    Yes I have tried it and it is yummy!


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