Coffee – a new perspective


Try writing about coffee when you have never partaken of a cup of the supposedly delicious elixir of life.  I am forced to wear a “coffee mask” when in cafes, and live vicariously on the coffee experiences of my friends to guide me on how vital this beverage is to daily life. Despite numerous attempts over the years, I have never found a taste for coffee.  Family and friends have learned to cope with my odd life choice, and accept the fact that I will never share their one joy in life.

This post from Buzzfeed succinctly demonstrates the rationale that can only be appreciated by those rare people in this world who do not enjoy coffee.

Therefore I cannot provide a personal review of my coffee experience, and instead I shall write about my hot chocolate experience at our local providore – Table 1 Expresso.  No scorn was voiced by the staff when I placed my lone order for hot chocolate amongst a sea of flat white, expresso, latte, long black, macchiato (whatever that is) coffee orders.  A most delicious, creamy hot chocolate (with marshmallow of course) was placed before me, the glass filled to the brim with milk, chocolate and cream (all daily essentials as far as I am concerned).  I almost blended into the coffee drinking set seated at my table. The joy on my face was just as intense as all my friends.  My “coffee mask” was in place, and to rest of the world I was a normal hot beverage drinker extolling the virtues of my daily shot of caffeine.

Coffee Pariah – Hot Chocolate