A Cat Crapped In My Coffee…and I loved it!

We were on a mission in northern Bali and had heard about the Luwak Civet Coffee Farm (cat poo coffee place) up in the hills on the way to Ubud. Varying degrees of prestige, mystery and excitement shrouded our thoughts amidst rumours of world-class restaurants charging massive premiums for the luwak elixir…we couldn’t wait.

The drive was notoriously slow with narrow winding roads in view of everyday life. About an hour or so later we skated up a slippery clay driveway only to be swallowed by the jungle. Moments later, the car doors opened and the smell of camp fire smoke and the fresh cool jungle air overtook us.

A young team of mostly women welcomed us…notably appreciative of our visit. A quick tour revealed a simple shop, jungle garden and comfortable tasting area. Our guide explained how this business made a modest living from ‘harvesting’ the civet poo coffee beans and how the roasting process purified the experience. About 30 minutes later we were ushered to the sitting area and our long-awaited prize was served.luwak-roasting

It’s amazing how coffee fixes everything. Luwak coffee is earthy like the soil and super intense…and tastes nothing like cat poo. If you aren’t a coffee die-hard, a selection of tea products are available and worth trying.

Luwak Coffee.PNG

With a fresh caffeine kick in tow we entered the shop and ‘bought up big’ knowing we could safely return home with our bounty. If you can make the time I highly rate this experience. The next time you meet a friend for a coffee, you can share a brilliant experience and maybe even invite them over for an elite tasting experience.

If you’ve any left, that is.


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