“Flat Whites, Big Apples and Laughing Man”

As an Aussie travelling through the US, nothing comes close to the smell and taste of a perfect espresso shot layered into a Piccolo or Flat White back home.

Persisting with one big-chain coffee after another, I landed in the Big Apple – New York City, ready for adventure and full of expectation.

But first. Coffee.

I knew exactly where I was headed. Navigating my way through trendy Tribeca, I made my way to Laughing Man MarketplaceHugh Jackman’s famous little takeaway coffee store.

As I walked in, the aroma of fresh espresso filled the air as I wedged into line.

The café is surprisingly small, but that’s part of its charm. A full-length chalkboard covers the back wall with the words “Try our Flat White….my favourite” written in Jackman’s handwriting in the bottom right corner. I can’t help but smile.

The barista preparing milk for another round of Flat Whites at Laughing Man Marketplace, Tribeca, New York.

Feeling like a Local

I order my tall Flat White and proceed to stand by the front door, mingling with other coffee lovers as we await our order.

For a moment, I didn’t feel like I was in New York, but a small-town convenience store as everyone made small talk while surveying the shelves of ethically-sourced coffee beans from the Ethiopian farmer that Jackman has partnered with.

“Australia, Right”?

“I noticed your accent. Australian, right?”, a young man asked me.

“Sure am, mate. Ever been?”, I replied.

“No sir, but I plan to go next year. I can’t wait”, he replied in a thick New York accent.

“You’ll have the time of your life mate. The people, the food, the coffee, the beaches – it’s the best place on Earth. Well, maybe aside from New York”, I grinned.

As the young man’s coffee order was called, we shook hands and he wished me a great time in his hometown.


Moments later, I took a sip of my Flat White. It was perfect.

Now to take a bite out of the Big Apple.



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