Matcha at Mojo

If you are anything like me, you drink way too much coffee! Most of the time, i have had my daily recommended dose before i even get both eyes open in the morning. I suppose this is the curse of being a writer. So you can imagine my delight when White Mojo Speciality Coffee & Roaster arrived in my apartment block!

It is here, i found Matcha, which is my guilt free version of a writer’s aid. I lost track of the hours i spent huddled over a table in the corner of a coffee shop trying to finish my latest book. Thankfully i found a back up plan full of antioxidants – and hey, it looked pretty!


Matcha is a specially processed version of green tea, so it’s basically ‘herbal’ – and that was a good enough excuse for me! Thanks to this cafe, i not only blissfully lost track of hours spent writing but of the cups i emptied as well.


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