Motor Bikes, Coffee and a Camera

How this strange combination became our best holiday photo ever.

If you have ever been to Vietnam and like me just love the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon as many of the locals still call it) then sit back with your Vietnamese Long Iced Coffee  and picture yourself sitting precariously on the corner of the busiest road near the Ben Thanh Market. Not on the footpath, but at a table with 2 chairs on the road. One chair for my husband and other chair for me – the amateur photographer of the day.

My mission that morning was to enjoy my last Vietnamese styled iced coffee and get that perfect holiday photo.

‘Madam you get best photo of bikes from here’ said Lim, the coffee shop owner  as he put his small table and two chairs outside on the road. Did I mention it is the busiest road in Ho Chi Minh?

Ho Chi Minh has around 7.4million motor bikes – all of which I swear narrowly missed our ‘Pop Up’ coffee shop by millimeters.

So, surrounded by the 7.4 million bikes, the noise, and the possibility of never actually being able to get back to the safely of the footpath we drank our last coffee in Vietnam and got the shot of the holiday.

A little bit about the coffee

We did bring the little coffee dripolators home with us and regularly take a trip to the Vietnamese markets in Inala to stock up on our favourite blend.

Vietnamese coffee has  a distinctive flavour. Unlike the Arabica beans from Brazil, Vietnamese  coffee is made from Robusta beans and has a much higher caffeine percentage.welcome-collage-phin-gb-beans

 Our favourite brand –  and the one we most often drank over there is Trung Nguyen comes in 5 different varieties all with distinctive tastes and aromas. If you get the chance to try them all I am sure  you will find the perfect blend to sip quietly without the                            added hum of 7.4 million motor bikes but then again…







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