Coffee with the Penguins Anyone?

Beyond the hustle of the city and eclectic vibe of St Kilda is a little slice of serenity in Little Blue. 

At the end of St Kilda pier lies the St Kilda Protected Fairy Penguin colony where you can enjoy your takeaway coffee while spotting a penguin or two hiding in the rocks or watch the day go by on the Little Blue verandah with lunch and a view back across to the city.

Discovered by chance, Little Blue was the perfect end to a Summer’s day walk. A place I suspect many would miss out on, with the unshaded walk out to the end of the pier – especially on a balmy Melbourne day when even in the shade a sweat can be broken.

Admittedly the exercise benefit may have been cancelled by the lemon slice accompanying the coffee but definitely worth the visit for the mindfulness achieved by sitting for a moment away from the traffic and shops and taking in the sights of the boats and view back across to the city.

Coffee with fresh air and a view – don’t mind if I do!

I have since returned back in the evening when penguin spotting is at it’s premium. A little tip – the websites say dusk but it was quite a bit later around 9-10pm that we started to see the penguins. Lucky the white wine and tapas starters kept us company at Little Blue until this time and we could venture out to see the penguins a little closer.

Sunset view from the verandah overlooking the penguin colony.

Coffee (or wine) and penguins with a view to boot – what more could one need with their daily fix?



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