Recipe for Success


Today I found myself enjoying one of the things I have unwittingly taken for granted – time.

Stumped for creative ideas and a deadline drawing closer, I began to wonder what it was that I was missing, what has devoured my inspiration and how could I get it back. I decided it was time; time to stop the clock, switch the phone to silent and ignore the external demands of work, motherhood and any other of life’s challenges.

It came as no surprise to find Extract Espresso a popular cafe in Gregory Hills, once farming land of St Gregory’s Chapel, now a busy precinct cleverly designed to encompass both commercial and modern suburban housing.

It was a warm greeting I experienced as I approached the counter to order my long black, and soon enough I was sinking into a lovely vintage style sofa with my cup in hand. It was a pleasantly surprising as I looked around in admiration at the modern casual, minimalistic approach to the decor – rustic outdoor tables set up ready for meals, with faux garden walls taking me to a place far beyond the confines of my reality.


No longer was my mind blocked nor blank and I certainly didn’t feel 4 steps away from oversized pet supplies, trade and tools suppliers, gym junkies, carpet outlets and the busy Camden Valley Hwy. Here I was in my own private haven, my troubles disappearing and no pestering clock ticking away. In that moment I put pen to paper, I was blown away by how easy the ideas began to flow.

I left Extract Espresso feeling a sense of pleasure, I ascertained that something as simple rest and relaxation was my missing key ingredient.


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