Solitude at Scatter Bean


Taringa train station is a busy hub during the working week with crowds of people waiting for their connection into the CBD. Luckily for me, Scatter Bean Cafe provides the perfect suburban oasis for a little pre-work relaxation before braving the rush.

The café has a vintage atmosphere, with op shop decor lending a relaxed feel to this revamped old shop. Customers can relax and have a chat or entertain themselves with the cards and games found located around the shop.

The owner, Erin, is always cheery, no mean feat given the café opens at 6:30am.  I took my extra hot latte outside to enjoy. Early in the morning, the outdoor area catches the sun and is a perfect place to load up on a little vitamin D whilst watching the parade of city workers streaming past.


Scatter Bean adds a soothing presence to this otherwise busy part of Taringa. With a strong following and never-ending supply of passing commuters, it looks set to provide small moments of calm to locals for a good while to come.


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