Favourite Bru

It’s Wednesday, 6.30am.

Recently, I’ve taken to waking up naturally without the aid of an alarm. It works most days.

I’m greeted by my dog Pete who insists we leave the house immediately, mostly so he can take an inventory of the smells and goings on from the night before. I read somewhere that when dogs smell their surrounds they are literally taking a reconnaissance of every single activity that has taken place in their absence.

We make the 500m journey up our street towards our favourite café. It’s bird nesting season so Pete is dive-bombed from all directions. He jumps to try and catch one in his jaws but misses by a mile. I’m sure in his head he thinks it’s a close call every time.

We make it to the café – Bru in North Bondi. Each morning we are greeted by a handful of dogs and their owners who we’ve gotten to know over the last 2 years we’ve been coming here. The staff know our names, as well as my order (large cap) and Pete, heads straight for the fridge to gesture to the staff it’s bacon time! The staff keep the offcuts of bacon for their four-legged customers and each morning they all know that a human will get the small Tupperware container from the fridge and make them all sit for the tasty treats.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.09.03 am
Dogs enjoying the free bacon!

The café is small and understated – a tiny hole in the wall and customers sprawl out on to the street, navigating the garden for a sunny spot or perching on makeshift chairs made from milk crates.  The café serves Allpress coffee and coupled with their Bircha Muesli Special for just $10 it’s the most affordable and delicious breakfast in Bondi!

While I wait for my coffee, Pete greets his friends Lola, Monkey and Bou Bou and Spot. Us owners usually talk about the weather and the water temperature and how we love Bondi in the Autumn and the dogs catch up on who had what for dinner the night before.

My name is called and I collect my coffee, I thank Tony, the barista and owner. We have our morning banter about how he hates the Sydney Swans and how I know nothing about AFL. It’s goodbyes all round until tomorrow when we’ll wake-up and do the same thing all over again.


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