Non-Coffee Lover Likes A Latte


You always remember that first taste of coffee…mmm delicious right? Well, not for me.

Coffee and cafes are a mystery to me. People love it. It’s part of their lives. It’s an essential part of their day. Me on the other hand? I just don’t get it. On any other day, I’d easily walk past a coffee shop and not even think about it. Today was different.

Never thought I’d be sitting here…

Starbucks, York Street, Sydney. Never in my life did I ever think I’d be in one. I wasn’t buying anything, my friend was. He decided I needed to try something. I said no. He said yes. He picked out some random latte for me, paid for it himself and we went and stood to the side. After waiting awhile, we picked a table around the back and sat down.

pexels-photo (1)
I hope it tastes good…

Heaven. Something wonderful and amazing. Almost mythical. That is what this latte tasted like. I could not believe it. All these years, not even once did I try one. My friend didn’t even have to say anything. He could see it in my face, he simply nodded. But still, I wondered…why do people love this stuff so much, why do they love cafes?


People chatting. Laughing. Enjoying themselves. A guy on his laptop. Students studying. A mother and her children having a snack. Friends having fun. Snapchatting. Messaging. Face-timing. Emailing. People enjoying an experience together. I finally got it.


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