Down by the bay

While experiencing the relaxing atmosphere of Shorncliffe complete with the pier by the beach, the sun and the sand. We decided to find a spot for breakfast and a coffee and only had to go as far as Sandgate to find the Matthew Thomas Cafe!


This very stylish building caught our eye with it’s charm and grandeur and beautiful historical features. I can contentedly say that the food was served promptly and was delicious, healthy and fresh, the price is fair and it has a fantastic view of the bay! Excellent service comes highly commended, you can really enjoy the ambiance and the friendly waitstaff add to the relaxed atmosphere.


It was a joy to browse their large array of purchasable items as they have an interesting array of clothes, soft furnishings, paintings, frames and other knickknacks in the area surrounding the cafe section. Great memories were had and so was the best Chai latte I’ve ever tasted. Thanks to the Matthew Thomas Cafe for the lovely experience and we will see you again soon!



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