Open at 5am

baristaOne of the less wonderful parts of being a parent is the night time wake ups. When they are sick, teething, having nightmares, cold, hot, falling out of bed, or sneaking into your bed for snuggles. Last night was one of those nights where at least one of the above was happening… for all three children.

As a result; bleary eyed, hair a mess, in whatever clothes where on the top of the shelf (pretty sure there was way too much conflicting denim in the combination), and on the search to buy milk before the little non-sleeping cherubs- or their Dad- woke up, I drove past the most wonderful sight I could possibly have seen in that moment.

Kool Beanz Nerang “Coffee… Open at 5am”

The milk could wait. This could not.

The cafe

Pulling up at the takeaway window I was greeted by a smiling face much more cheerful than my own in that moment and at that time of day, the sight of various sizes of takeaway liquid happiness, and quirky and yet intensely appealing signage with various quotes about being happy and true to yourself.

Well, that was in incredibly big ask right then and there, but for the sake of getting my hands on some much needed caffeine, I was willing to roll with it.

muffinAfter asking for, and I quote, “The biggest latte you have,” my eyes were drawn to the array of colourful and delicious looking baked goodies, which I was told were all made fresh on site that day.

I ended up ordering a muffin to go with my coffee, I couldn’t resist.

The experience

While waiting, I peeked around the corner and got my first glimpse of the cafe itself, all comfy looking big pillows, an eclectic mix of vintage, retro, and modern ornaments, furniture, and colours. Absolutely not of it matched, and yet as a whole it was incredibly appealing.

I decided to take 5 minutes and just enjoy my goodies there instead of paying and running. The coffee was huge, beautiful, creamy, smooth and the perfect temperature. My muffin was still warm, melted in my mouth, and possibly the best decision I would make all day.

The verdict

This little treat and moment of quiet made me feel like I could adult today after all. Grabbing my new favourite possession (my freshly stamped loyalty card), I returned to my original mission for milk, but feeling a whole lot better about it.

Was it all those inspiring quotes working their way into my subconscious? Or just the starts of a caffeine buzz? I wasn’t sure, but one thing I did know was that the next time I needed a little pick me up I knew just where I would be going.




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