Going for Gold.

Consistent waves rolling in with smells of salts in the air and a light fresh breeze on your skin. The morning energy increasing as the sun is rising over the big, blue tropical ocean. What a magical part of this beautiful world to watch the sunrise – Burleigh Heads, Australia.


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.28.32 pm
Burleigh Heads, Australia.


Stroll around, go for a surf, exercise in the park, swim in the ocean, walk the hill or simply relax on the grass. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you drop into one of the yummiest coffee shops in town, Nook Espresso. Treat yourself, everyone deserves happiness and that is what you’ll get with this experience!

It’s not just the coffee, but the workers who smile, greet you kindly and spread their positive vibes making every coffee with passion and love. Take a few deep breaths and turn the cell phone on silent (after taking some photos for instant-grams and updating your snappy chatty story of course haha).  Enjoy your delicious coffee, be present in the moment and just take it all in. If there’s one way to start your day with something special, this could be it. Happy days!



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