Watching Football at Cafe


Hello Football Fans,

I am a football fanatic and I love watching  football. I am always ready  to get up at 4  in the morning and watch a game. The time difference with Europe is 8 hours which means watching  games early in the morning Sydney time.

My favourite football  team is Juventus; a club which brings great memories from my childhood.I watch football  together with my  friends and we love cheering out loud for our favourite football team. Best places to watch the games are either pubs or coffee shop (some of them open early and we can watch it there). One of the most exciting days for me was 2 years ago ,6th June 2015. The day when Juventus played Barcelona in the final. I met with some friends at Black Sugar Coffee where we watched the football game. Before the start of the game we enjoyed a cup of coffee. As the game  was rolling on, more people were coming and were  joining us in watching the football. Unfortunately, Juventus lost the game 3:1, Even though the BiancoNeri lost , I enjoyed the game which was full of excitement.

The next great game happens on 4 June 2017, Sunday 04.45am. Juventus meets Real Madrid in this year final.

Football Fan
Forza Juve

Forza Juve



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