A Coffee To Remember

Last week my friend and I enthusiastically embarked on an epic cycling journey.

Ti2 girls drinking coffeeme limited to collect the darlings from school pick up, we saddled up on our deadly treadlies and hit the road. The Riesling Trail to be exact in the beautiful Clare Valley.

Not daunted by the 50 km’s of cycling ahead we set off in fresh weather conditions to say the least!

After a 12 km trek uphill we hit the apex and it was smooth sailing downhill. As the rain cleared, the sun poked out, fingers thawed and finally we arrived at Auburn township where coffee was awaiting! Things were looking good!

Mellers cafe stands solid and proud in the Auburn main street and looks as though it has been plucked straight from an Italian picture book.  It was certainly a welcome sight and marked the half way point of our cycling journey.

After dismounting and entering Mellers cafe on wobbly legs we ordered our much anticipated coffee. When my coffee was placed in front of me the welcome aroma was like heaven, as I wrapped both hands around the mug and took my first sip, I felt the warmth and energy seep back into my body. It was pure Bliss!coffee and biscuits

After the most well deserved break (well I thought so) not the mention the best coffee I’ve had in ages, we saddled up to tackle the incline that was the way home.

Several hours later and after the obligatory flat tyre I was back home. School pick up complete and sipping on instant coffee, I reflected on the journey and the wonderful mug of coffee at Mellers cafe and thought it was worth riding    50km’s for.

Definitely a coffee to remember!



One Comment Add yours

  1. Bill Chance says:

    What a great ride and well-written writeup. Now I want to go get on my bike – or at least make a cup of coffee.


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