The Stormy Goose

Now I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I do like cake. And one of my favourite things to do now that winter has arrived is head down to The Goose and watch the winter storms roll in.

I live in Busselton, Western Australia (near Margaret River) on the beautiful blue waters of Geographe Bay. Living in a seaside town tends to be crazy busy during Summer, and a ghost town come Winter time. So while all the ‘Grey Nomads’ head north chasing the sun – I head to the beach.


The Goose is right on the beach, so close they had to build a seawall to protect it from washing away during a big storm. With its great wall of glass and the warm crackle of the fire behind me, the thunder clouds gather out past the end our famous jetty.

Flash, pop, bang! The thunder and lightning can be seen on the horizon as the storm scoots by. I sit back enjoying every mouthful of my warm sticky date pudding and wonder if I’ll make it back to the car before the rain hits.


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