The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Bali

It had been a long day of attempted bartering throughout the Bali version of a city centre, also known as Seminyak. My partner and I were exhausted and dying for a cold drink. After an hour of walking through narrow streets, avoiding getting hit by oncoming scooters and taxis, we stumbled upon Sea Circus.

The eccentric, little cafe is tucked away amongst the many resorts and boutique stores. The Sea Circus website is just as quirky when describing the cafe:

We have to come clean… Sea Circus is not an actual circus. As our [ridiculously long and awesomely pink] neon sign says, we are a ‘restaurant, cocktail bar & coffee den’.

I had to refrain myself from “instagramming” every inch of the café, like the rest of the tourists. When our drinks were served with a beautiful frangipani, an inspiring quote and a cookie, I couldn’t help but snap a million photos.

Image result for bali sea circus coffee

The menu offered so many different food and drinks we had to go back the next day, despite knowing the mission it would be to relocate the cafe. And of course, I had to go back to get a photo in front of the cafe with the retro colours in the background.



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