Local unicorns flock to grab their morning cuppa

The rainbow trend is getting out of control but this is one we definitely couldn’t pass up trying. Especially because it helped to put one of our local Brissie cafes on the map.

Introducing the rainbow coffee, the result of a barista’s ‘slow day at work’ experiment. A coffee so gorgeous, that we can’t bring ourselves to take a sip and ruin the latte art.


Take my money! Where can I get one?

Located in Brisbane’s west, this dreamy brew was conjured up by the head barista, Emily Coumbis, at Piggyback Café in Jindalee.

The rainbow coffee has drawn the attention of not only millennials for their #butfirstcoffee Instagram post, but also big media outlets such as The Daily Mail. The cafe sells in excess of 300 rainbow coffees per week, or about 42 each and every day. “It’s out of control,” Emily told The Daily Mail.

So, is it edible?

Of course! Using a mix of edible coloured dye drops that mix in with the frothed milk creates the secondary colours that result in the rainbow effect.

But, how does it taste?

On the drive over, my fiancé and I were wondering whether this rainbow coffee would live up to expectation or if it was just a gimmick. It was certainly pretty and surprisingly tasted just like our normal cup of coffee! It was more on the milky side and was a large size, so if you like your brew strong this might not be the coffee for you.

Either way, you walk away with the perfect shot.

Emily has an impressive repertoire of latte art including swans, owls, bunnies and even Pac-Man. She has even created a YouTube channel, to watch her mesmerising creations. 

But don’t just be hypnotised behind the screen – head to Brisbane’s west to try this new trend for yourself.

Who knows, you might spot a unicorn* stopping by for their morning cuppa.


*We cannot guarantee unicorns will be there, but we can promise Instagram-worthy snaps that will gain you at least 20+ likes.


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