A Tale of Woe

Residing in the heart of Fortitude Valley, on Brunswick Street, is Ltd espresso + brew bar.  A mecca for lovers of coffee and a sanctuary for those who love espresso but have been burnt before.  You know who you are.

My tale of woe begins like any other misguided love story.  It was 2015.  I was young and naive.  What started as a casual exchange, quickly developed into a one-sided dependency I like to call love.  In short, I had found ‘the one’.  I was madly in love and like most relationships, I took the giver of life-sustaining nectar for granted.  I made a mistake.  A terrible mistake that I will forever regret.

I moved.

What was once a ritual is now a pilgrimage.  The distance between us has proved just a bit too far.  Long distance relationships are always difficult and my love affair with Ltd is all but chalked up to another statistic.drink  I have tried to move on.  I have kept myself busy, socialising, seeing other coffee dispensing establishments looking for a life partner and it’s just not the same.  There is no logic or reason for love.  The pain of separation and loss is almost unbearable.  Ltd espresso + brew bar is but a distant memory but will forever be in my heart and the one that got away.





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