Hotcakes & Thickshakes & Bears, Oh My!

What was my most exceptional café experience? Sure, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was late one Sunday morning and my hoomans were hungry for their morning din dins at their new favourite cafe, Fuel & Co.

Bear the Dog
Bear the German Shepherd

Normally I guard the house like a good boy while they’re gone. But this time they let me into the shiny, rolling kennel and that only means one thing – walkies at the park!

But my nose told me that we weren’t going to the park. Where were my hoomans taking me? No, surely not to the vet! I hadn’t eaten any more of my plastic toy and got a sore tummy. I had been a good Pooh Bear!

Then, out of the car window, something wonderful wafted through the air and filled my nostrils. It was delicious, smoky and meaty… mmm bacon – my favorite thing!

As we walked through the café all the peoples gave me pats – my favorite thing! I had never smelled so many hoomans at once before.

There was a man who really needed bath time, a lady who wore too much Channel No. 5 and a tiny sized hooman who, I’m sure, had soiled itself. It was disgusting and brilliant!

I smelt something else too. I think the hoomans called it caw-fee? It didn’t smell so good to me. But the hoomans seemed to enjoy it. (They have to trap their food with long metal claw things so they take whatever they can get.)

I think they had a little food envy though. I found a soggy napkin under the table (my favorite thing) and they ripped it right out of my mouth. Oh well, I guess I don’t mind sharing with my hoomans.

Anyways, I think they were really glad they brought me with them.

Oh, and I don’t think the café hoomans realised, but someone had stolen their grass and replaced it with imposter grass! I dug up a little bit before we left so that they’d notice and catch the thief.

Best. Café. Experience. Ever.


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