Because your gluten free order never comes with a side serving of attitude…

The staff understand and are happy to change-up any menu item without questions or eye-rolls.

Views for Day Dreaming: Blue Jay, Albion Park NSW
Views for day dreaming: Blue Jay Albion Park NSW.

You know how it goes… You wander into a stylish, hip cafe, set high, with views to die for. You’ve heard the local chatter that this place is a must visit. The food is tremendous, the coffee divine they say…

Trepidation sets in as you peruse the menu, those golden letters, “GF”,  two valuable letters that place you at ease, are missing… Anxiety washes over you, you’ve been in this situation many times before. Bracing, you await the attitude and the eye roll that accompanies your timid


“Can you please tell me your Gluten Free options”?…


Not at Blue Jay. It is with a smile that the owner, (who proudly works the front and back of house), informs you “We can change any menu item to suit you, what would you like to eat today”?  It’s the customer service like this from Jane that instantly warms you to Blue Jay.  You have an inkling why the locals rave… The food then arrives, fresh and bright, instantly you salivate; positive first impressions of the place are confirmed.

The morning crowd is a self-proclamation of the quality of coffee the team efficiently churn out. Parents take advantage of the welcoming atmosphere, meeting to eat, stay and chat for hours after school drop. Staff bother to get to know their regulars names, and take a genuine interest when they ask how you are. Food and coffee aside, this intolerance friendly find is a gem.

A little local cafe, run by happy locals. A place you want to be right now, enjoying the sunshine, the views, the food, the coffee and the people.

Stop by sometime soon won’t you.


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  1. Zena Standring says:

    Just love this place, the coffee is to die for and the staff are so pleasant


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