Dazzling in Monte Carlo

My husband and I were on a trip of a lifetime in Europe, determined to thoroughly enjoy ourselves. So when we came across the famous Café de Paris in Monte Carlo, it seemed a perfect place to idle away an afternoon and soak up the decadence of this iconic city.

Flanked by the Casino de Monte Carlo and exclusive Hotel de Paris, the Café de Paris provides the best people watching outside of Paris, and a chance to experience extravagance and glamour up close and personal.  Our eyes kept being drawn to the man at the table in front of us, or rather to his watch. It was glittering, ornate, and the size of a saucer, resplendent with a world map encrusted with gems.

The view was enhanced by the flashy sleek racing cars sitting proudly in rows, waiting for their equally flashy and sleek owners to come darting out and make their escape under the watchful eyes of the cafe patrons.


But uniquely, all these extravagancies sat comfortably alongside people like us, travellers wearing trainers and the same jeans we had on yesterday (and maybe the day before), eyes wide, mouths slightly open, absorbing the sights.

We sat for a short while in the sun, taking in the finely tailored suits and precariously high heels, the waiters discreetly taking orders and gliding between tables delivering frosted drinks and exquisite desserts.

The sun and dazzling surrounds gone to our heads, we ordered the Café de Paris signature sundae to share, washed down with a crisp beer (him) and a delicate rose (me).

Our eyes may have watered a bit when we received the bill, but maybe it was just the sun glinting off the Lamborghini’s.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 10.29.47 PM





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