Bean there Squeezed that!

Not the most original heading, I know! However, this blog is all about coffee and I haven’t had enough of it today to be original. My moments with coffee are plentiful. It’s hard to narrow them down into a selection of musing. However, I’m going to go with plugging a local franchise I both frequent and admire…..

Check out the BeanSqueeze franchise dotted in and around Geelong. Our municipality competes with the uber-sophisticated caffeine haunts of the big smoke but with one noticeable difference in the selection. It’s this point of difference that makes BeanSqueeze a unique and successful venture. It’s a drive-thru coffee shop on the ‘nearskirts’ of Geelong and we need it because, unlike Melbourne, the public transport system is non-existent and everybody drives. It’s the road travelling into your 9-5 daily drudgery where you need your caffeine fix and BeanSqueeze offers you every type of coffee variation, as well as cold pressed juices, smoothies, health cookies and even gourmet toasted sangers.

Every other day when I drive in to give my standard order, I marvel at the queue of cars. It never ceases to astound me. The earnings this growing venture must be clearing is evident in its ever-expanding market presence and product offerings.

So, if you’re ever visiting ‘Sleepy Hollow’ keep an eye out for BeanSqueeze; stay in the comfort of your car while you sip your fave coffee surveying the beauty of our bay! Just don’t come on game day –  the whole town shuts down….



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