Roses Are Red & Their Coffee Is Perfect Too!

Last month my little family needed a distraction from the bitter cold in Canberra.  So, we hopped in the car to go for short drive and found ourselves in the small, historic, picturesque town of Yass.  Yass is approximately 50 minutes from Canberra. The town in located in the Southern Tablelands. The name Yass is derived from the aboriginal word ‘Yarrh’ meaning running water, as there is a beautiful river that runs through the middle of town.

Getting out of the car in the main street of Yass, we certainly weren’t greeted with a warmer climate, but with the overwhelming smell of wood fires.  We decided to eat at a rather cosy looking café.  As you walk into The Roses Café you’ll see a large counter cabinet filled with cakes, pies, lasagnes and salads.  You are also able to order items from the menu including burgers, breakfasts etc.  While there is nothing new or modern on offer at Roses Café, what they do offer feels like the perfect fit for the location and climate of Yass.  While the food on offer is more traditional, it’s certainly not boring or tired.  There’s no escaping that the café is in an old building, from the exposed brick to the outdoor toilets, which only add to the charm and experience.


I couldn’t go past the rustic looking chunky beef pie and potato bake, while my husband had a burger and the children were adventurous and had a bowl of chips each.  I have to admit I did have a little bit of meal envy with my husband’s burger.  I couldn’t leave without trying their beautiful looking chocolate cake and a cup of their hot coffee.


The Roses Café was the highlight to a perfect day with the family.  It showed me that modern and trendy shouldn’t overshadow the warmth and comfort of tried and true.

*All images are the property of The Roses Café, permission was granted for use of photos


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