Coffee with conviction

Wander through Fortitude Valley, Brisbane for more than a couple of blocks and you’ll start to notice something. While the streets are lined with boutiques and bars, there is something else lining the streets. The faces and stories of those experiencing homelessness.

However, the Fortitude Valley is now home to a cafe working hard to help Fortitude Valley’s friends on the street.

Checking out my favourite podcast with my new favourite coffee

Cup From Above is a fully functioning cafe operating out of the historic GPO building on Ann St and peering in from the street, it looks no different to any of the other boutique cafe’s in the area. However, Cup from Above is a not-for-profit selling coffee to deliver its mission of helping disadvantaged people in the local community. Tackling issues like barriers to employment, homelessness, drug addiction, crime and poverty, founder Adam James and his team offer comprehensive support options to those facing crisis situations.

Settling into a table on a dreary winters day, warmth instantly fills your body as the smiles and genuine conversation from the staff pass around you. A glance at the menu shows they serve brewed coffee, the perfect choice for a day like today.


Coffee isn’t all that’s on the menu. You can purchase a ‘time token’ for $30 giving a disadvantaged member of the community an hour of time with a certified chaplain to talk through their crisis situation whether that’s homelessness, an upcoming court date or serious drug addiction. For real long term support, you can become a member of the Cup from Above community.

The brewed coffee is the perfect mix of caffeine and comfort and as you sip it, you observe the eclectic community getting their morning fix. Just like the Valley itself, business men sit opposite creative artists and it feels like any other cafe.

Except that it’s not.

It’s so much more.


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