The Real Chill ‘Willyburg’ Coffee Spot

If you have visited Williamsburg in Brooklyn in recent years, you are already well aware of the pretty thriving ‘coffee scene’ [along with boutique hotels, ‘hip’ brands, tech start-ups — and so on!] What you may not know is that just 4-5 years ago, there were only really two places to grab a real good ‘cup of joe’ — the infamous 5 Leaves (a passion project started by the late Heath Ledger, and fellow Aussie, Jud Mongell) and Cafe Biet (formally El Biet). My personal favorite.

Cafe Biet is unique. 100% owned by Baristas — who rescued the neighborhood staple from poor management, and the mega gentrification wave that almost wiped out WillyBurg’s authenticity.

OK, let’s be frank here, the authenticity is a little boarder-line these days… 


With a ‘hip’ cafe on almost every corner in this neighborhood, Biet, with its unpretentious interior, feels more like rocking up at your friend’s house for good coffee than a cafe. The music is eclectic, to say the least. Today, for example, they are playing the Twin Peaks soundtrack — this is not normal cafe music no? Yet, here we all are, sipping our amazing AF lattes, and chatting with friends & strangers alike. There’s local art on the walls, some homemade baked goodies [whatever they decide to make, and whenever!] and there’s the smell of freshly ground coffee. There’s even wifi — and since it’s a friend’s ‘house’ and all, you feel pretty darn free to chill here all day.

Confession, I’m one of those people who get almond mylk with my coffee and gluten-free toast with my eggs,  you know the kind — and lucky for me, so does Biet! Not only do they make all their own nut-mylks, they also serve up gluten-free and vegan options, without attitude, or a ridiculous price tag. It’s win-win for all…

Ahem! Especially me. 


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