Café Vibe, what is it?

New to the beach side neighborhood we went searching for ‘that Café, the one with the right Vibe!  This Café would be particularly important as we intended to spend serious time soaking up the Vibe after an epic six year stint running a pub. Did we find that cafe, yes we did, more on that later!

So what is Café Vibe, its atmosphere! Our right atmosphere starts with great coffee, good food, funky surroundings and a good splash of great customer service. Talk to some experts and they tell you its music, lighting, customer service, artwork and a myriad of other intangibles & tangibles.  One well known blogger takes it further and suggests the four senses, smell-sound-touch-taste!  It doesn’t stop there, another talks about how to create Café atmosphere at home.  So it seems it’s important, ‘atmosphere’!

I hear you asking, did you find that Café?

cafe gold coast 2 21430271_1682402075104267_6604927361092348229_n

Yes, we did, we found our Vibe in a small Café nestled in amongst a gambit of hospitality retailers where we sit, sip & zone out, Café Gold Coast. If you’re ever in the area check out the atmosphere at this Café, it hits all four senses and is highly recommended!


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