How have I Not Tried This Before?

Parlour Lane Roasters Bar

Its 6pm. Its Friday evening. I have just finished work, pushing through the crowd. My caffeine craving crying out. I need a fix. But wait, its early evening, I should have a drink. I need a drink! Its been one of those weeks.

The bright lights of the Theatre flashing, shouting at me that the opening night is merely moments away.

Next door, the glamorous Director of Chaos, invites me into the darkness of QT, to the streetside Parlour Lane Roasters.  Where old meets new. Where quirk meets style.

The Espresso Martini

I tell the barman, I need a coffee, I need a drink….moments later….. in front of me sits an Espresso Martini!

The fresh espresso awakes my senses, the glass chills my hand, the crema with a twist of vodka, calms my day. Ahhhhh its bliss!

How have I never tried this before?

QT, you are my new favourite.  Parlour Lane Roasters, Ill see you for breakfast – Im sure your Espresso will be just as magical.



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