Guilt-free coffee and positive vibes

As someone in the midst of a health kick I’ve become inclined to walking briskly past cafes holding my breath and avoiding eye contact as not to be enticed by the sweet aroma of the freshly roasted coffee and baked treats. That was, until I discovered a healthier and even more delicious offering by Quiet Life Cafe in Geraldton, WA.

The owners of Quiet Life credit their inspiration to travels throughout Europe, and seeing shared adventures on their Facebook and Instagram channels, it is easy to see how the cafe got its chilled and mellow vibe. Offering a small menu of healthy and nutritious brunch foods together with arguably Geraldton’s best coffee, the recently opened cafe is always busy and full of life.


So although my coffee intake has been minimal in recent times, when I came across a post about cold brew coffee at Quiet Life, I was intrigued. I visited the cafe on a hot and windy Saturday, making it an ideal time to indulge in a chilled drink.

Cold brewed coffee is less acidic and has a more subtle taste than its conventionally-brewed counterpart, and usually being prepared with no added sugar or milk makes it a lighter option for those who need a caffeine fix without the guilt. In addition to it being a healthier option, I also loved that cold brew coffee is a refreshing treat on such a warm summers day.


In case I wasn’t already convinced, I really appreciated the ample bike parking in the laneway next to the cafe, and the casual alfresco seating (which is dog-friendly!) shaded by natural vines and greenery. Quiet Life Cafe oozes positive vibes and healthy lifestyle, and will definitely be my go-to for coffee fixes!


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