Dine In, Ski Out:

From deep snow and spectacular mountains to world class dining and beer at 4000ft. Canada’s Kicking Horse Ski Resort is a must see destination.


How I “Suspended a Coffee” and why you should too

Napoli, Italy. The birthplace of great coffee. Here during the 1st World War a tradition began from working class café where someone would order a caffe’ sospeso and pay the price for 2 coffees but receiving and consuming only one. The second coffee was being “suspended” in case someone in need may walk in and…

The Real Chill ‘Willyburg’ Coffee Spot

With a ‘hip’ cafe on almost every corner in this neighborhood, Biet, with its unpretentious interior, feels more like rocking up at your friend’s house for good coffee than a cafe.

The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Bali

It had been a long day of attempted bartering throughout the Bali version of a city centre, also known as Seminyak. My partner and I were exhausted and dying for a cold drink. After an hour of walking through narrow streets, avoiding getting hit by oncoming scooters and taxis, we stumbled upon Sea Circus. The…

Motor Bikes, Coffee and a Camera

How this strange combination became our best holiday photo ever. If you have ever been to Vietnam and like me just love the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon as many of the locals still call it) then sit back with your Vietnamese Long Iced Coffee  and picture yourself sitting precariously on the…

“Flat Whites, Big Apples and Laughing Man”

As an Aussie travelling through the US, nothing comes close to the smell and taste of a perfect espresso shot layered into a Piccolo or Flat White back home. Persisting with one big-chain coffee after another, I landed in the Big Apple – New York City, ready for adventure and full of expectation. But first….

A Cat Crapped In My Coffee…and I loved it!

We were on a mission in northern Bali and had heard about the Luwak Civet Coffee Farm (cat poo coffee place) up in the hills on the way to Ubud. Varying degrees of prestige, mystery and excitement shrouded our thoughts amidst rumours of world-class restaurants charging massive premiums for the luwak elixir…we couldn’t wait. The…

It’s always sunny in Seminyak, Indonesia

Boys weekend couldn’t come sooner as we headed off on a 2 week trip to Bali, Indonesia for some much-needed time off. Finally getting off the plane after a 6 hour flight couldn’t be any sweeter knowing your finally on holiday! Day 2 of water sports came around pretty quickly and we were keen on finding some…