Sailing, Sunsets and Sea Shanty’s

Imagine… after a leisurely sail around the beautiful waters of the Whitsunday Islands, you pull up a mooring for the night, and head to shore for a romantic cocktail whilst enjoying the amazing sunset only Tropical North Queensland can deliver.     Well, recently Hubby and I had the pleasure of such an experience. Welcome…

Café Vibe, what is it?

New to the beach side neighborhood we went searching for ‘that Café, the one with the right Vibe!  This Café would be particularly important as we intended to spend serious time soaking up the Vibe after an epic six year stint running a pub. Did we find that cafe, yes we did, more on that…

High Tea- but with bubbles!

When I think of high tea, I am immediately transported to the English countryside and see finger sandwiches of cucumber and egg; with your traditional tartlets and puddings, surrounded by cute little tea pots and your classic early grey. You can imagine my delight and surprise when this showed up on my table at The…

Coffee with conviction

Wander through Fortitude Valley, Brisbane for more than a couple of blocks and you’ll start to notice something. While the streets are lined with boutiques and bars, there is something else lining the streets. The faces and stories of those experiencing homelessness. However, the Fortitude Valley is now home to a cafe working hard to…

Follow your Bliss to Miss Bliss

Brisbane’s trendy West End still reigns as the go to place for hip food joints and amazing coffee. Follow your bliss to Miss Bliss Wholefood’s kitchen where you can indulge in the most decadent of pleasures without any guilt.

Hotcakes & Thickshakes & Bears, Oh My!

What was my most exceptional café experience? Sure, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was late one Sunday morning and my hoomans were hungry for their morning din dins at their new favourite cafe, Fuel & Co.

A Tale of Woe

Residing in the heart of Fortitude Valley, on Brunswick Street, is Ltd espresso + brew bar.  A mecca for lovers of coffee and a sanctuary for those who love espresso but have been burnt before.  You know who you are.

Going for Gold.

Consistent waves rolling in with smells of salts in the air and a light fresh breeze on your skin. The morning energy increasing as the sun is rising over the big, blue tropical ocean. What a magical part of this beautiful world to watch the sunrise – Burleigh Heads, Australia.     Stroll around, go for…

Open at 5am

One of the less wonderful parts of being a parent is the night time wake ups. When they are sick, teething, having nightmares, cold, hot, falling out of bed, or sneaking into your bed for snuggles. Last night was one of those nights where at least one of the above was happening… for all three children….

Down by the bay

While experiencing the relaxing atmosphere of Shorncliffe complete with the pier by the beach, the sun and the sand. We decided to find a spot for breakfast and a coffee and only had to go as far as Sandgate to find the Matthew Thomas Cafe! This very stylish building caught our eye with it’s charm…