Dog takes the cake

When I head out to my favourite Albany eatery Phillips Brook, it’s not the food I look forward to most, even though it’s delicious.

The Stormy Goose

Now I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I do like cake. And one of my favourite things to do now that winter has arrived is head down to The Goose and watch the winter storms roll in.

Surfing Pigs at Donut Digs

5 weeks into the summer holidays and many mums are surviving on coffee and wine. Or is that just me? Finding a café the whole family can enjoy, well… pigs might fly…  Or in this case, surf… at the awesome Beached Barrel in Geraldton. Making the most of the picturesque beachfront location and warm tropical climate, the Beached Barrel has…

Food, Coffee, Community.

Many cold winter mornings, deadlocked by traffic, I’ve stared out the window of my car and across at Frisch and Barc.  Most days the traffic starts moving and I’m swept away with it, but today would be different. The sun was shining bright, the traffic was flowing nicely and for once I decided to pull over…